Security and privacy

Security and privacy are important to you and us! BUKAZU adheres to two clear security and privacy principles: your data is yours and will not be shared with others. Our task is to safeguard security and privacy during the booking process. You can read how we do this below. 

It is your data, not ours --

We make sure they are kept safe!

Data Hosting



The data passing through BUKAZU is encrypted, both during transport and at rest. All connections from the browser to the BUKAZU platform are encrypted during transport with TLS SHA-256 with RSA encryption. BUKAZU requires HTTPS for all services. BUKAZU uses HSTS to ensure that browsers only communicate with BUKAZU via HTTPS and is on the HSTS pre-installed lists for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Security and compliance programs

Confidentiality All employees sign a declaration of confidentiality before starting work at BUKAZU.
Business continuity and disaster recovery We have business continuity and disaster recovery plans that replicate our database and back up the data to multiple cloud providers to ensure high availability.
Continuous monitoring After a changeset is released, we continue monitoring application exceptions and logging exceptions. These exceptions are regularly reviewed and triaged to resolve them. The performance impact of the changeset is monitored by various monitoring services.
Prevention of malicious software Our employees' equipment is defended by anti-malware software and we perform routine phishing tests to further educate and train employees.

Security measures for the application

Password protection Passwords are stored securely and encrypted.
Customer data protection Customer data can never be accessed without logging in and cannot be viewed internally by other customers.

We are always improving and always available

Despite our care and commitment, it can happen that a weak spot arises in our IT systems. If you think you've found a weakness, have suggestions to improve privacy or have any questions for our team, please contact us at We will be happy to work with you to resolve questions and problems as soon as possible.